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Solve your Marketing and Music Problems

This site is a portfolio website featuring the products and services offered by Jonathon Vogel. Grow your business and your music skills when you find a service.

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Products and Services Offered

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Website Free Training

A lot of business owners and website designers struggle to build websites that
close sales, stay relevant, and grow their businesses.

I teach people how to build their website using a proven framework so that they
see a tangible difference in how people respond to their website.

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JV Sites

You know how a lot of people have products or services that solve problems, but they just don't know how to talk about their products or services so that people listen?

At JV Sites, we train people and help them build their websites in such a way so that when they talk about what they offer everybody pays attention.

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Transform My Music

Many people find learning a musical instrument hard, confusing, and quite

At Transform My Music (TMM), we create online music training that makes learning how to become a great musician simple, easy to understand, and time-saving.