man and woman hugging each other

The Eternal Exchange

Feb 5, 2024

By Jonathon Vogel

The innermost secret

The exchange of love

Revealed in Jesus

A pure gift of

Divine Revelation 

And sacramental life

Made perfect in virtue

In freedom and life

Complete in its being

The simplest of all

Named and unnamed

YHWH for all

Gift upon gift

Union of three

One and the same

One yet three

Father in form

Son as man

Spirit as breath and life

The Eternal Exchange

Reflecting its gift

In all of Creation

Everything pure gift

Trees grow from fruit

Rocks speak of foundation

Water of healing

And mountains of might

Angels reflect

Love’s will and intellect 

Man in His Image

Two sexes met

Close like a mother

Intimate in love

Close like a father

Providing the seed

Like unto a wedding

Is Jesus and Church

The Eternal Exchange

Imaged on Earth

Religion made new

Longing and heart

Laws speaking softly

Showing us the better part

The Eternal Exchange

Written in our hearts

Drawing us deeper

Into Love’s Blessed Life