What If There’s More Album Lyrics

Apr 19, 2024

1 Grow


I’ve been walking the lonely road

Wishing I had more

Maybe I need company or

A little mercy


All the ways I’ve travelled

This long and winding road

Everyday is a lesson

To finding my way home


I need You more than the air I breathe

Every chance I get

I need Your mercy everywhere I go

Your love is like the sun and rain

A healing for my soul

You plant grace in my beating heart to grow

Only Good will grow

Only Good will grow


The burdens that I carry

I left them at the cross

Now my journey is lighter

With the One I love

2 Sing His Praise


There’s a mystery inside of you

A longing for the simple truth

There’s redemption and a light

There is hope in Jesus Christ


No more wandering in the dark

Find healing in your heart

You can have your second chance

You can love and be romanced


There is a life beyond your walls

Just open your heart let them fall


In Jesus Name sing His praise forevermore hallelujah

Amen amen sing it again hallelujah

Hallelujah hope will rise no more darkness no more lies

Amen tell the world the Name of Jesus hallelujah


There’s a Love that knows no end

You just gotta let Him in

But Jesus is a gentleman

He’ll keep on knocking until you say


Let hope arise

Let faith decide

Let love fight

Let fear die

Let grace abound

Let trumpets sound

Love has won

Your kingdom come

3 Burdens


Come all who are burdened

Lay em down at the cross

Come all weary laden

Be loved by Jesus


There is a life worth more than gold

Changing everything

Lighter than what you carry

A yoke that’s easy


Yesterday is dead and gone

You need not hold on

Just lay your burdens at the cross

And you will find true love


Love will follow you everywhere you go when you

Trust in Jesus He’ll never let you go

4 It’s Gonna Be All Right


There is a hope and light

In the darkest days and nights

When your alone lost and weary

It’s gonna be all right


When you feel down and out

Like if you stop you’ll drown

When you dream for a second life

It’s gonna be all alright


Hope is found right where you are

You can come back home

Everything will be alright

Cause your the Father’s own

It’s gonna be alright

5 Let Love Shine


Father let Your light shine on us tonight

May we have favour in Your eyes

Let us remember Your love divine

Make us a vessel of light


Let Your love shine shine in the dark

To let the world know Your love isn’t far away just

A breath away in Jesus Name

We’re singing out in praise


Creator of the mountains Master of the seas

You made us with dominion over these

How is that our Maker would do such a thing

That we would be kings and queens


Let praise rise to You on high we’re singing

Lift your voice the King is alive and breathing

the Lord of all

He has won the battle

We’re singing out in praise

6 Trust


I trust You Lord

You give me everything

I am nothing without You

I lift my voice

And every  breathe I breathe

A simple Yahweh oh Yahweh


Peace joy your pursuing

Your love for me never changing

Your ways are higher I’m trying to understand

The way You pull me close

I know


I lift my voice in humble praise

To tell the world that You are my everything

I run to You

The Maker of my soul

I’m holding nothing back from You


I’ll shout Your Name forever singing holy

All out praising holding nothing back

Sing out love has won my heart and I

I know You will never let me down


7 What If There’s More


You’re brighter than a million

Of the stars You created

Bigger than mountains

Stronger than a raging sea

You love is stronger on me

More than I dream

Your the Healer and King

My everything


What if there’s more for me

To come in close and receive

What if there’s grace in You

When I taste and see Your goodness in me

Oh I believe


God of creation

You heal my broken heart

Lover of my soul

You make me whole

All I want to know is

The One who loved me first

I sing Your praises

Your Name be lifted high


I sing out my heart tonight

Lifting all my praises high

Praying for a second life

With You

I want to have a second chance

The way You teach is forgiveness

If love demands it I will say

I do

8 You Love Me Forever


When I pray

I come to know

Just how close

I’m to You

When I love

I figure out

Just how much

I love You


You are my beginning and my end

Forever till the end

You never let me down

No Lord You never

My second chance Your light

In everything baptized

You never let me down

I’ll praise You forever


When I sing

I sing out loud

My confidence

Is You O Lord

When I shout

I shout for joy

Your presence God

I lift my voice


You never let me down

You’ll always be around

No matter what I think

You love me forever

The lost will be found

Your kingdom will come

Your love has fought and won

You love me forever


You love me forever

9 Open Up


There is a light in the darkness

There is grace healing the broken

It’s overflowing never ending


There is a peace for the restless

A love that heals the broken-hearted

All of a sudden it’s knocking at your door


There is Good News for the rich and poor

The answers you’ve been looking for

Are waiting knocking at your door

Just open up

You can heal your heart and all your pain

Find peace and joy in everything

There’s meaning in your suffering

When you lift it up


There is a life worth living

There is a joy worth feeling

It’s overwhelming I can’t explain


Love has one the world

Sing in endless praise

Shout in victory

Singing glory and all praise

10 Most High


Sing out in wonder sing His praise

All day all night we will worship Him

All those called to the saint life

Lift up your voice to the Most High


Our lives will never be the same without You

All those in favour of the Lord sing

Hallelujah we will praise Your Name forever and ever we will sing our song


Yaweh Most High God

Eternal life in our hearts

On this holy ground

Remind us who You are


Your are alive there is no doubt about it

You know the way and we will follow You

One day You’ll come the battle will be won

Until then we’re Yours forevermore


Tear down our walls

Fill us with hunger for the Lord

Give us new life walking with Jesus Christ

11 You Can Be Free (With A Little Hope)


(with a little)

Hope joy love mercy


There’s hope in your darkness

There’s joy in your sadness

There’s love in the heartbreak

Mercy in your mistakes

Don’t listen to the world

Your enough just the way you are


Hope for all the hopeless

Joy for all the burdened

Love for all the broken

Mercy for all hurting

Don’t listen to the world

You can find happiness


Sometimes you lose the ones you love

Sometimes you feel like giving up

Sometimes you can’t let go

Sometimes the road is tough

Sometimes when you’ve given up

There’s still more for you now

12 I Met God On The Way


I met God on the way

The way to sin and shame

Not owning my mistakes

Dying with my pain


I let God guide my way

The way up from the grave

Trying to fix my mistakes

Living on His grace


If I can be received

If I can be redeemed

If God can show me mercy

Than maybe He can for you


I met God on the way

The way on up to fame

With all the power and money

I let it go and was saved


I met God on the way

The way on down to Hades

The road was wide and paved

And all my friends were with me