Jonathon’s Current Projects

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Business Dashboard App

Jonathon's Role: Cofounder/Director of Story and Operations

At Dashello, we know many business owners are burdened with all the decisions they have to make on a daily basis. We are building software for 1 million business owners that will simplify their data in a relevant way to help them make better and faster decisions and grow their companies. Join the waitlist today at

Upper Room Conference

New Music Album

Jonathon's Role: Musician and Artist

Jonathon's latest music album is set to release this year. Follow his artist page on your favorite music app to stay tuned!

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Transform My Music

Jonathon's Role: Course Creator and Music Coach

Many people find learning a musical instrument hard, confusing, or too much time. At Transform My Music, Jonathon teaches music training courses that make learning an instrument simple, easy to understand, and time-saving so that they can become great musicians. Get Access today.

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Storybrand Marketing

Jonathon’s Role: Onboarding Consultant/Designer

Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, we make sure you have the best chance to reach more people online.

Using our clear process that our customers rave about, we’ve learned how to deliver outstanding websites on time and on budget following the Storybrand principles Donald Miller teaches.

The Get Clear team makes sure you get a website that you and your customers truly love. Once you have your website built on our easy-to-use proprietary platform, we make sure it is secured, monitored and performing for you. Schedule a call today.

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Setup My Small Business

Jonathon’s Role: Course Creator and Business Guide

Not Sure How To Setup Your Business?

You want to set up your business, but as you’ve probably figured out, there’s a lot more to think about and set up than you initially may have thought: the right license, marketing, messaging, website, the right software, accounting – sheesh! It can seem overwhelming. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be…

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Charismatic Worship Ministry

Jonathon’s Role: Cofounder and Worship Leader

Many people find it hard to pray, so we put on praise and worship events so that they can encounter Jesus in a meaningful way. Worship with us today.

About Jonathon Vogel

Jonathon Vogel, a seasoned musician and worship leader, has released over 40 uplifting songs since 2015.

Additionally, Vogel is an entrepreneur, having started various ministries, businesses, and movements.

Vogel is the founder and creator at, an online music training platform that makes learning an instrument simple, easy to understand, and time-saving so you can become a great musician. 

He is currently co-founder of, a startup focusing on a business dashboard app designed to empower business owners to make better and faster decisions.

He’s also the co-founder of Catholic Charismatic Worship (CCW), a West Coast cover band and movement centered on helping people encounter Jesus through music.

Keep an eye out for his upcoming album, “What If There’s More?”, set to release this year.