Jonathon Vogel

Jonathon Vogel is an artist, author, and entrepreneur who for over 10 years has helped 1000s of people know Jesus…he’s on a mission to make music creation accessible for everyone as he documents his journey from starving artist to playing stadiums worldwide…

He documents his journey to playing stadiums worldwide with content online and publishing books and courses for musicians and songwriters. Vogel to date has release 50+ songs with his most recent release, What If There’s More, as his debut. 

As of today, Vogel has written two books, First 100 Songs and This Is My Love For You

On the side, Vogel is involved in various ventures such as a business software dashboard app ( and Storybrand marketing ( 

Jonathon Vogel

Latest Music

When many people are struggling in a fallen world, there’s a message of hope that people can hold onto. A light in the darkness for all to see, answering the question: what if there’s more for you?…


This is the guide Jonathon needed when he started writing and releasing music. Get First 100 Songs, How To Write And Release Your First 100 Songs On Spotify And Apple Music on Amazon or the audiobook for free when you click below.


Get the behind the scenes with Jonathon as he documents his journey to playing stadiums on The Craft with Jonathon Vogel. Listen on your favourite podcast platform.