Join My Team

I’m on a mission to help 50 businesses clarify their marketing by 2022.



Do you believe in focusing on only what’s most important, saying no to what distracts you?


Do you believe we can find better ways to live? Do you think the world can change if we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking?

Carefully Minimal

You do believe clutter is confusing? Do you keep only valuable things that aid you in life?

When you apply, you’re signing up to grow businesses.

So many businesses are communicating a message that isn’t clear. This leads to broken relationships and confusion in the marketplace.

I help them clarify their message so they are understood and heard by the people they are communicating to.

My business exists because when when businesses market clearly to customers, they grow.

I’m looking to grow our team with people who believe in that mission and want to be a part of it.

Here’s what we do on a daily basis →

1. We change

We look for the best ways to improve the quality of life for us and those around us.

2. We communicate clearly

The main way we make a positive impact is by communicating clearly for ourselves and others.

3. We add value

We lend our skills and gifts to those in our circles of influence.

Every business deserves clear marketing.

But in order to succeed, business owners need help. I help by doing contract services to make clarify a marketing message easy. If your essential-focused, efficient-minded, and minimal, join my mission!