Join Us For Catholic Charismatic Worship

A Catholic Worship Team Serving West Coast North America

Step One: Find the next event

Step Two: Attend the event

Step Three: Encounter Jesus

Do you find it hard to pray?


At Catholic Charismatic Worship (CCW), we put on local worship events so you can connect with God in a meaningful way.

A CCW event will help you encounter Jesus.

Sing Christian Songs You Know

Listen To God's Word Proclaimed

Get Fired Up Spiritually For Weekend Church

ccw worship night

We Make Worship Music Sound Meaningful

With over 30+ years of combined musical training, our worship sounds contemporary, charismatic, and high quality.

What CCW Sounds Like

Worshiping With Us Is Simple:

1. Find The Next Event

2. Attend The Event

3. Encounter Jesus

You can connect with God through music.


Join the next CCW worship night so you come to know Jesus in a meaningful way.

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Get Notified When CCW Comes To Your Area

If you are a ministry leader looking to partner with us, or you want to be the first to know when we are worshipping in your area, fill the form below to:

  • Get upcoming themes and events
  • Get sneak peeks of our next setlists
  • Direct access to us for questions
  • Submit your favourite songs
  • And more
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