Grow Your Attendance With Worship Music That Invites and Engages

  • Approachable Music
  • Help People Enter In
  • Grow Your Attendance

Trying to find the right music for your church?

Jonathon works with local pastors and church leaders in the Catholic/Christian community to provide high-quality worship music so that their church music is meaningful and highly impactful for their congregation.

Engage Your Attendance With Music

Contemporary Worship Songs

Get songs played from Matt Maher Mass of Comunion mass parts to songs like “Lord I Need You” and “The Lord’s Prayer”.

Guitar or Piano

Jonathon can lead a whole church congregation into worship on guitar or piano.

Succession Plan

Jonathon approaches bringing music into your church with a mindset of empowering your community to takeover.

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Meet Your Worship Leader

Jonathon knows the right balance of reverence and leadership needed to help people encounter Jesus without being a distraction at Mass, adoration, and other liturgical celebrations.

  • 100s of services/Masses led
  • 5+ years worship leading in the Catholic/Christian context

Working With Jonathon Is Easy

Step 1

Chat with Jonathon and ask questions to determine a win-win.

Step 2

Establish compensation and schedule in a signed agreement.

Step 3

Grow your engagement and attendance with great music.

Become A Church That Evangelizes To The World

Go from wishing your people entered into liturgy and prayer to becoming an engaging church that attracts people to church.