Find answers to the most common questions asked about my services.

Do you do E-Commerce?

No. E-Commerce requires more time intensive setup, maintenance, and care than a simple 2-3 page website. Since I cannot devote my time to the necessary time required for this, I focus more on the words and clarity of the website. If e-commerce is something you need, I’d recommend an easy to setup platform like Shopify.

What is included in maintaining a website?

Here are a few of the services I provide:

  • Website hosting: I host your site for a monthly fee.
  • Domain hosting: I manage your website domain and provide privacy protection for a yearly fee.
  • Email: I provide you with pop3 and IMAP credentials based on your domain, but setting up custom email with a service like G-Suite or Outlook is up to you.

Anything else not included in the list above will be consider additional work, and I will provide a separate estimate per additional project.

What custom integrations can you do?

I can provide a separate estimate on a case by case basis after the final site design for:

  • Custom logo
  • Video graphics
  • Connecting analytics software like Google Analytics
  • MLS
  • Live chat
  • Google maps location
  • Direct call now button
  • Small/additional customizations past the final site design
Can I make my own changes?

Yes! Once your website is finished, you’ll be able to create blog posts and edit text and images on your landing pages.

Does setting up a blog cost?

You’ll have access to write and schedule blog posts through WordPress once I build your site.

Will my website work on mobile?

Yes! I make sure your website will look great on desktop and mobile for Safari and Google Chrome.

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