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    Your current marketing efforts aren't working as well as you thought they would. You are frustrated and confused why you seem to be investing more time and money into marketing without a return. It's just plain wrong for you to waste money on marketing that doesn't work.

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    This is the time to explain the problem, set expectations, and ask all your questions. Jonathon will ask questions too and source the right marketing expert for a 2nd call with you.

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    Fix Your Marketing

    We'll fix your marketing problem so you can get back to growing your business.

    Marketing Shouldn’t Feel Like A Money Pit

    We get it. We know your marketing efforts should grow your business in a way you can afford.

    Jonathon and his team have helped 100s of people like you fix their marketing and grow their business.

    Ideal for: Business owners that have a $3000+ budget for marketing. We work best with:

    • Clinics
    • Business Owners
    • Consultants

    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

    Here’s what people like you say:

    Jump off the fence and run right into web design with Jonathon. It’s fun and creative and you feel like a genius!

    Samantha P.

    Essentially Oil Changed

    It is worth the time to sit down and go over everything that you didn’t know you could fix. I thought my website was good the way it was, but Jonathon has made it surpass my expectations, making it a work of art and some thing I am proud to promote.

    Steven S.

    With the Grain Painting

    Grow Your Business With The Right Marketing Services

    Here’s the types of marketing Jonathon and his team fix and improve:


    We can give you ideas and suggestions for your marketing strategy as needed and recommend a plan of action.


    We can guide you through the proven Storybrand* framework to create your marketing copy.


    We can build your website so that you can edit and update it easily without code as your business needs change.


    We have an SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) expert on our team that can go into your current site and optimize and upgrade for your SEO needs.

    Google Ads

    We can set up your Google ads account and get you started with a monthly Google ads plan.

    Social Media

    We can help you create your posts so that you maintain a consistent online presence.

    Imagine Growing Your Business With Clear Marketing That Works


    When you clarify your message, customers will listen.  

    Take the first step to become relieved and confident in your marketing efforts when you schedule a call.

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