Step 2

I help you create and release

your first song demo in 2 days

I work with people who want help buying their home studio, setting it up, recording, producing, and releasing their song demo. See if you qualify to work with me below.

Music Creator Package

Total Value: $21,300

Your Investment if selected: $16,400

(All prices are in USD)


The Writer’s Block Remover Song Plan ($1,000 value)

How to completely eradicate writers block for your first song.

  • A 1-on-1 session where we plan the idea for the song to write (completely new, already half written, fully drafted).
  • A 1-on-1 songwriting session, where I help you write/tweak your song and get it ready for recording.
  • Weeklv recorded Zoom session for 3 sessions where you can show me a new sona you wrote and I can aive feedback.

The Mail It To You Home Studio Package ($5,000 value)

How to build a home studio in one day without the headache of knowing what gear you need.

  • A 1-on-1 consultation where I get an idea of your space, figure out what gear you need, and get address for the gear I recommend.
  • A mail service where I pay for and send the gear you need to record high quality (nice mic, mixing headphones, etc.).
  • A recorded Zoom session where I help the you setup your new gear and software.

Non Tech Gear Guide Support ($500 value)

How to walk-through setting up your music gear step-by-step so vou never forget even if you are a non tech person.

  • Unlimited Zoom support until fully set up once you get the gear I send you where we walk through how everything works, how to setup the gear, and how to use it.

The White Glove Prepare Your Voice For Recording Warmup ($1,500 value)

How to get used to and improve how your voice sounds on recording.

  • A 30-minute mp3 vocal warmup with me and a piano.
  • A 1-on-1 recorded vocal training session with me as I teach vocal basics, record happy birthday, warmup with you, then record happy birthday again.

Get Your Demo Done Service ($1,000 value)

How to record and mix a high quality music demo without feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing.

  • A recorded Zoom recording session where I show you what you need to do, you record, and send the tracks to me.
  • A recorded Zoom “over the shoulder” session where the your watches and enters into my creative process live for editing, mixing, and levels for your demo.

The Beautiful Artwork Blueprint ($1,000 value)

How to create album artwork that looks great and makes you feel proud.

  • Artwork Vision Call where we pick a design (photo, Canva, sketch, etc.) together.
  • Based on your selection, I do a live Canva service where we design the art for the album and social media profiles together.
  • Unlimited revisions until you are happy for demo launch.
  • Get the final designs for social media sent to your with personalized loom guide.

The Release It Quick Demo Upload Guide ($150 value)

How to get your song ready for release on Spotify and iTunes.

  • A recorded Zoom session where I show you how to upload your demo for distribution so you can do it youselves moving forward (record the session and give to you for reference) (unlisted on my Youtube channel).
  • How to video for adding Musixmatch lyrics to Spotify story and Apple Music too.

The Music Video Creation Sprint ($1,500 value)

How to prepare and enjoy the process of making a music video.

  • A recorded Zoom call where I storyboard your music video first with a bullet list with your lyrics line by line, then in Canva with you frame by frame.
  • A recorded Zoom call where we plan a music video with the your to shoot everything in one day (coordinate with contract filmmakers).
  • A recorded video presentation where I walk through all the best ways to get comfortable with how you look on camera with a demo of poor to great photos and videos of me as an example.
  • Unlimited revisions via chat, zoom, and
  • A service where I create 10 AI reels from your music video for your social media.
  • A recorded Zoom call where I teach you how to post your first reel with my prewritten chat GPT SEO prompt for each reel platform (Name, Title, hashtags, description).