Essentially Oil Changed

I created a clear brand message for this client, which lead into a complete website refresh. They also needed an elevator pitch and one-liner for his business. Overall, a highly valueable project for their business and team.


Many women are sick and tired of expensive household products that are toxic for their home. At Essentially Oil Changed, we sell an essential oil kit that helps them spend less money and live a more healthy lifestyle.

Elevator Pitch:

When women want to improve the natural wellness in their home, Essentially Oil Changed helps them become healthy and relieved. To avoid the continual exposure to the toxins found in most retail products, we sell an essential oil kit that’s affordable, natural, and ethical. This way, they don’t have to feel sick and tired of the toxic products they are using, and with our step-by-step training, they can get past feeling skeptical towards essential oils altogether. This empowers them to live more healthy lifestyle and feel more relieved that their home now toxin-free.

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