Simple One-Liner Course

3 videos and a worksheet to help you craft a world class one sentence elevator pitch.

Watch each video and see a tangible difference in how people respond to your elevator pitch.

If your words are confusing, your elevator pitch will fail.

Are you asking these questions?

Is my elevator pitch increasing my sales?
Why aren’t people interested in what I do?
Why are people tuning out my message?
Overcome all these obstacles and more when you get FREE access to the Simple One-Liner Course.

Jonathon Vogel

Your Guide

The Simple One-Liner Course is taught by Jonathon Vogel, owner and CEO at Through working with a range of clients from small businesses all the way to multi-million dollar companies, Jonathon learned how to make it easy for you to clarify your marketing message so you can grow your business. He helps business owners use a proven framework to build their websites. You can learn more about working with Jonathon HERE.